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Hervey Bay is located in south eastern Queensland , Australia . Set right on the shores of the South Pacific Ocean, thousands of visitors come every year to explore Hervey Bay and its surrounding areas including Lady Elliot Island and Fraser Island , which is the world's largest sand island. Hervey Bay is a rapidly growing city with a sub-tropical climate. Hervey bay is a 3 hr dve north from the well known Noosa.This perfect weather allows visitors and locals alike to participate in a variety of fun activities.Hervey Bay is famous for its whale watching tours

It is the perfect place to go swimming, hiking, horse riding, water skiing, snorkeling and much more! Hervey Bay waters are a dream where you can choose a variety of fishing options such as casting a line from the beach, the beautiful Urangan Pier, the reef, the estuary or perhaps go on a five day cruise. You will find that the waters are abundant with a variety of fish and you will not be disappointed!

And while fishing, soak in your surrounding views. You will find breath taking landscape and fascinating wild life. Even if you aren't fishing, book a tour where you can have the pleasure of seeing birds, dolphins, turtles, dugongs and humpback whales! When the season comes, charter a boat or join a tour to witness the magnificent whales. There is even a whale festival during August where the whole community gets together and organizes activities here are some Things to do in Hervey Bay

The Hervey Bay community actually comes together several times a year to organize festivals and keep up the community spirit. Several festivals include the Electric Light Parade, Hervey Bay Seafood Festival and the Yagubi Multicultural Festival.

The days are fun filled and are marvelous events for friends and families that consist of live entertainment, food stalls, games, carnival rides, parades, illuminated floats, marching bands, arts and crafts stalls, alternative healing stalls, street theatre, clothing stalls and fire events in the form of fire dancing, fire sculptures and of course a fireworks display.

The festivals are a great experience and visitors should consider their visit based around the time they are held.

Hervey Bay is the perfect place to be for the adventurous and those who have a passion for nature. After reviewing one of the many tours, you can choose from reef snorkeling, coral viewing, fish feeding and if you're lucky, dolphin, whale and turtle sighting.

Another fabulous thing to experience is a safari where you can explore the majestic Fraser Island and discover the cultural history, the island's flora and fauna and the early development of the Island . During your trip, you will be mesmerized by the freshwater lakes, colored sands, serene rainforest and will leave feeling privileged to have explored the world's largest sand island.

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Hervey Bay also brings the splendor of wildlife in a safe environment where you don't need to venture right into the excitement! Located on the esplanade, the Shark Show is open most days where you view a 16 foot Great White Shark. Two films also run continuously to give you an educational and enjoyable display. If not, visit Neptune's Reefworld, a natural aquarium that boasts an impressive variety of fish, giant groper, sharks and more. You can also touch coral, starfish and turtles in the touch tank. While you're there, you must view the seal show and shark feeding.

Hervey Bay is a modernized town that still manages to hold old-fashioned charm. Named by Captain Cook, you can see the change from the past to the present at Hervey Bay Historical Museum that showcases past memorabilia.